Never underestimate my ability to turn a serious situation into a confusing yet hilarious joke

Send “I did a bad thing.” For my character’s reaction to yours coming to them with blood on their hands.

my freaking cousin tho. ‘You know the Easter Bunny isn’t real tho right?’

well not with that fucking attitude 

Just found a chunk o childhood in the form of old origami book! Omigoogies I can’t wait to make birbs all over the place.

shiningsilverarmor: >v> SOPHIE.
give me a muse to sample rp as


She’s young, she doesn’t quite understand yet the terms her big brother Jamie and his friends use. But she does understand their actions. And she saw how far Caleb kicked that football the other day. They called it - a punt.

               She thinks. She isn’t sure.

     But she’s pretty sure she could pull of that kick if the elf would just  hoLD STILL.